We teamed up with Dr Dora to talk all things scarring and how to prevent it. Scarring happens due to the body’s natural response to heal skin trauma from infections, injuries, surgery, or inflammation. Sometimes acne leaves scars as well but there are solutions! See what Dr Dora says in the video below

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Why It Happens

New collagen fibers are formed when the dermis of your skin is damaged to naturally treat the affected area, this causes scarring. We know scarring is annoying, but your body is only trying to help! Sometimes scars can be raised and will have a different texture compared to the rest of your skin.


Our Go To Solution

The most effective way to treat a scar is by using silicone sheets which will help with flattening it and fading it. They are medical grade strips made to improve new and old post-surgery scars that appear red and elevated. They will provide intense hydration to the dermis which decreases evaporation of water from scars. You can even use it on keloid scars as it reduces scar thickness. Typically, you will need to use this treatment for 12 weeks to see the best results.

These strips are Dr. Dora approved!


The Natural Route

Another amazing ingredient to help with scarring is Vitamin E. A lot of silicon sheets are made with vitamin E, but you can also use this ingredient on its own in the form of an oil or serum. It will majorly help reduce scar formation and can help fade the appearance of old scars.

Product Recommendation: Vitamin E Oil


Aloe Vera Baby

For less intense scarring such as acne scarring, a good option is aloe vera gel, either 99% or the best form which is straight from the plant itself. It is said to help fade dark spots over time and with continued use. So be patience with this tip if you choose to try it out. Pro tip: While the acne is just starting to heal, apply aloe vera gel to the affected area to prevent scarring rather than treating it.

Pro tip: If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you can cut a bit off and use the gel straight from the plant. It's the purest, most effective form!


Visit A Specialist

If the scar is super intense and you really haven’t had any luck with the above tips, your best option would be to visit an aesthetician or dermatologist to discuss your other options such as cryotherapy.

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