Inflammation is your body’s immune response to irritation caused by products or environmental irritants.

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Why It Happens

When your skin is experiencing inflammation, it's basically trying to treat the irritation, but this process causes redness, heat, or blistering – sometimes even swelling. Not pleasant, we know. Fortunately, there are ways to treat inflammation.

How to treat


We know we have mentioned this at least 60 times but we must mention it again. SPF!Don’t forget it. The sun can really promote inflammation, so we need to make sure we protect our face and body with SPF 30+, nothing less especially forUAE’s weather.

Did ya know?

Sunscreen is more effective when it is SPF 30+ and offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It's also good to make sure it is water resistant!

Soothing ingredients are key

Try to buy products that feature anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, oat, green tea, etc. to heal your skin. These ingredients also calm your skin to reduce the inflammation.

Product Recommendation: WONDER Black Rice Facial Oil (30ml)

Face mask time

Using a soothing sheet mask every week will really help with inflammation. Opt for cucumber, aloe vera or oat infused masks for ultimate soothing.

Pro tip

Keep it in the fridge for a bit before use to wake your skin up.

What to avoid

Products that contain stripping ingredients like alcohol are a no-go because they will dehydrate your skin causing further irritation.

Still a bit confused on how to treat inflammation?

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