Breakouts are a type of inflammation caused by bacteria that clogs your pores. Your skin is trying to get rid of the infection but sending blood cells to the area which creates the pesky bump and pus.
Thanks, but no thanks, skin.

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Why It Happens

There are several factors that contribute to breakouts (and we now have masks to add to that list!). These include medication, hormones, your diet, stress, and the environmental aggressors. Don’t worry though because there also several solutions!

How to treat


Guess what? Double cleanse baby!

Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove the stubborn stuff like makeup, sweat, impurities, dirt etc.

Follow up with

Follow with a water-based cleanser with antibacterial ingredients like tea tree, willow bark or salicylic acid to fully get rid of these impurities for squeaky clean pores.


It's all about the balance

Make sure to use balancing products to make sure your skin’s pH is happy by using a toner that will fully clean your pores leaving zero impurities remaining.

Product Recommendation: Elemis Balancing Toner


Moisturizing is essential

Using the right moisturizer will save your skin from annoying breakouts, trust us! So, when picking your moisturizer make sure it has bacteria fighting ingredients and is suitable for your skin. For oily skin use a lightweight water-based moisturizer and our dry skin sisters should go for a slightly heavier (but non-comedogenic) oil-based moisturizer.

Pro tip: follow the instructions

Each product is as unique as you are, so make sure to follow the directions carefully


What not to do

Do not, we repeat do not pop your pimple. As tempting as it is, it will only spread the bacteria! Use a pimple patch for a quick fix instead but keep in mind they should hydrocolloid. Pimple patches also prevent you from touching the spot during the day - double win!

Product Recommendation: Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Still a bit confused on how to treat breakouts?

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