Tips To Keep Your Skin Acne Free

There are tons of reasons (unfortunately) why your skin might be breaking out which we will get into, in another journal post buttt we are here to help you keep your skin acne free with a few useful tips – but be consistent to see results.


  1. Before anything, we don’t mean to yell but, ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your face. The reason for this is, your hands are riddled with germs at any given time, and you don’t want those nasties on your face! You’ll be left with bacteria induced acne (nightmare!) So, wash your hands thoroughly before you get started with your morning or nighttime skincare routine.


  1. To make sure your skin is squeaky clean, wash your face twice a day. What we like to do is have a basic gentle cleanser for the daytime and for the night we reach for a salicylic acid cleanser, so it works overnight to clear up acne/blemishes from the pores, out.


  1. Once you’re done with cleansing, make sure you pat dry your skin gently, don’t be rough or you’ll aggravate and damage your already irritated skin.


  1. Never ever go to bed with your makeup on! Seriously. Your skin will not have the opportunity to breathe and renew itself overnight. You will basically be suffocating your skin and pores which will lead to acne yet again. Start with an oil cleanser to melt away the makeup and follow with a gel cleanser for a thorough double cleanse.


  1. You’ve defo heard of this one before – change your pillowcases often. Pillowcases, like our hands, can harbor bacteria over time from our hair, scalp, face, etc. so it’s super important to make sure you have a fresh pillowcase at least every week. This will massively help your skin clear up and stay that way.


  1. If you’re noticing spots on your cheeks that might be an indication that your phone is causing it (other than masks). To deal with this we recommend disinfecting your phone often – this helps get rid of the germs that transfer from your hands, surfaces, etc. from your phone that shouldn’t be in contact with your face.


  1. Make sure to wash your makeup brushes regularly to get rid of dust, dirt, and residual product.


  1. To deal with maskne, switch to linen or cotton masks. They are breathable and made of natural fibers which means they traps less sweat and heat leading to a reduction in breakouts. Trust us, this is tried and tested by our whole team!


  1. And finally, something we mention in all our articles – wear sunscreen! And stop touching your face k byeee.

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