Summertime Skincare

Summertime, and the skincare is easy!

Even though it can be too hot to handle out here in Dubai, we still love heading to the beach sometimes to get our tan on however, we never skip out on our skincare, obviously. Your skin changes as the weather/seasons change which means your routine should be tweaked as well - keep reading to find out the best way to keep cool for the summer.
You don’t need to make major changes for summer, you just need to shift your focus to more lightweight and protecting products. Swap out your heavy moisturizers for lightweight ones or ones that are a moisturizer + SPF combo (oil free is best).
It might be tempting to lay in the sun all day but there are adverse effects of this which include burning, sun damage (on a cellular level) and premature aging. If you do end up being in the sun (SPF is necessary indoors as well!), make sure your SPF is 30 or higher and offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This applies to your body as well!
Incorporate a retinol into your routine so it can regularly exfoliate and renew the cells on the top layer of your skin to help repair sun damage. Using serums to hydrate and target inflammation will also massively help during the summer to replenish lost moisture and keep your skin happy.
Bonus step: get a dermatologist level treatment to provide your skin with extra nourishment and help protect and repair low-grade sun damage.
Go on, enjoy your hot girl summer now!

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