Retinol and How To Use It

Ah retinol… the product everyone is afraid to use initially, but once they start, they’re hooked! It’s only good results from there on out.

So, what is retinol?

It is a derivative of Vitamin A which is super important to boost cell turnover which aids the anti-aging process. It also brightens, clears up and boosts collagen in skin and bids adios to free radical damage. It’s basically a miracle worker if you ask us.
When using a suitable retinol, it’s crucial to start slow and build your tolerance over time otherwise you’re going to upset and irritate your skin. Start with the lowest percentage of between 0.01% - 0.03% and use it only twice a week till your skin eventually gets used to it. This hard-working product can be applied not only to your face but also to your neck and décolletage, the areas that first show signs of aging.  
When you have picked your retinol, keep an eye out for side effects such as in intense flaking, redness and burning. This means either you are using it too often or the percentage is way too high for your skin. You’ll have to then pause use immediately and slowly reintroduce it to your routine.
Make sure to use retinol only at night and slather on SPF during the day as it increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Your chosen sunscreen must be SPF 30 or higher and offer broad spectrum protection. Before you go on holiday where you know you’ll be in the sun, stop use a week prior and during your trip.
While retinol is an amazing ingredient for anti-aging, if it really doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, there are tons of other ingredients that can help with anti-aging!

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