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Keep Your Lips Nourished

Who doesn’t love a good lip balm moment! Keeping your lips nourished is just as important as keeping your skin nourished so don’t skip out on lip balm.

Here’s a list of our faves to possibly help you pick

Glossier Balm Dot Com:

This baby has to be at the top of our list of fave lip balms because it does it all. It’s super hydrating and is packed with antioxidants and natural emollients plus castor oil, beeswax and lanolin (heavy duty moisturizers) to nourish not only your lips but anywhere on your body that feels dry. The best part for us is definitely the different delicious flavors. She thick too! So the balm will do a bangin’ job at soothing, conditioning or relieving itchiness/ irritation. The formula does not budge and is unreal at locking in moisture. They come in a barely there tint so it's like your natural lip color, only better.
P.S. Our preferred flavors are berry and coconut!

Sun Bum Tinted SPF Balm:

We love an effortless chic look, especially when it's packed with a bunch of nourishment and protection. This little handbag staple is filled with moisturizing coconut oil and lip balm. It also gives a hint of color that perfectly (and naturally) complements your beautiful complexion. You can swipe this on whenever you feel your lips need some lovin' - or color!

Little Bubble Simply Vanilla:

It's time to get nourishing! Say farewell to cracked dry lips because your kisser will thank you for introducing this vegan lip butter to your life. It's made with shea and mango butters so it's a big whack of nourishing goodness to your pout. We love this lip balm because it’s totally clean too!

KNC Supa Mint Balm:

If you get your hands on this lip balm, you’re going to love it as much as we do! It is formulated with moringa, cotton & kukui oils (yum!) that provide essential fatty acids to keep your pout super plump & hydrated while preventing annoying chapping. The formula is creamy, non-tinted and blended with delicious shea butter & kokum with a subtle but fresh mint scent.
If you’ve ended up getting one of these and have fallen in love with it, you’re welcome!

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