Facial Oils Are Great For Every Skin Type

You might think you don’t need a facial oil, and to be honest you don’t HAVE to use one, buuut they are pretty darn good for your skin.

Facial oils provide your skin with another level of hydration and they seal in your previous skincare products while protecting it from environmental aggressors. They work with your natural oils to keep your skin balanced while preventing water loss. 

The reason we recommend facial oils is because if your skin is too dry it can result in fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging, so it’s best to implement a good one in your routine!

So where do they go in your routine and who can use them you ask? Good question.

A good rule of thumb to follow with skincare is to go from lightest to thickest meaning facial oils go right after your moisturizer but before your SPF during the day. At night it will be the last step of your routine - you can even mix them in with your moisturizer if you like.
Basically, anyone with normal, combination and dry skin can use facial oils, you just need to ensure that the one you pick is meant for you skin type.

People with oily and acne prone skin – we recommend using facial oils with bacteria fighting ingredients like tea tree oil, squalane & marula as these oils will actually help your skin produce less pore-clogging oil.
So, whatever your skin type, there is an oil for you! We have some favorites listed below:
For oily/acne prone skin: Rosehip or Vitamin E oil
For dry skin: Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil
For combination skin: Soprano Labs Prickly Pear Cactus Vegan Beauty Oil

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